Trying to find a guy from slics 2017

Last year in St. Louis there was a foreign guy, smaller stature older gentleman, with a small table. He had a few rounds layed out, all European cartridges I think. I remember seeing 8x63 Swedish rounds & buying a 41 (10.4mm) Swiss G150 subsonic from him. Does anyone know whom this was? Thank you.


German, Werner Richter? I wouldn’t really call him “smaller stature”. Sure it was last year?

The only person that had GP150’s at SLICS last year that I know of was Morton Stoen from Norway, but he’s the better part of 6’.


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Werner Richter was not there in 2017. The last year he attended was 2016.


I’m certain it was last year. Morton Stoen eh Paul? Is he on here?

Yeah, Morten is neither small nor old, but he was there last year and not this.

You might mean Dimi Goulas as well

Dimi was there this year.

He’s a hoot!

That was (2017) Morten Stöen from Norway he sold the GP 150 cartridge

Yes, it was me, and I am still not 60 :-)

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