Trying to help a friend ID a cartridge

Unfortunately the German Double Barrel, 12 gauge on left, and ??? on the right, has no markings other than the maker, (Immanuel Meffert, Suhl) the number 93, what appears to be a serial number, and a stylized letter that could be a K, or a combination of JK or IK. By the design it looks to have been made between 1870~1890, but that is just a guess, since I have not had hands on it.

No caliber markings whatsoever.

The owner did supply dimensions taken from fireformed cases, a Cerrosafe chamber cast, and a bore slug dimensions, and any help is greatly appreciated.

Just for fun, this is the stylized letter, and the might-be-a-serial number:

From the dimensions, a 10,5 x 60R, the case seems derived from a Mauser M71 case ( 11mm Mauser).
Check some of the Early German Combination gun calibres.
If made before 1891 will not necessarily have Proofmarks…Proof Law of 1891.

Doc AV

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Doc, thanks, much appreciated!

I was thinking M71 Mauser cartridge, but it was late, and the more I thought about it the less sure I was, (when I should have gone to bed, anyway).

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