Trying to ID cartridge


I have had this cartridge that I thought was a Murata. Was told by someone with more knowledge than me that it was not, since it does not have the protected primer. I have looked for small caliber rifles with a tubular magazine and only come up with the Mauser-Kropatchek (8x60R) and the Murata (8x53R). Anyone have an idea what it is?
The dimensions are:
Bullet diam .326
Neck .355
base .495
rim .598
brass 2.08
oal 2.99


Well, both the case length and bullet say “Murata” to me. Let’s see what the other numbers add up to.


Measurements doesn’t match a japanese factory made 8 x 53 R Murata. It seems to be a japanese reworked 7,62 x 54 R case:

Several specimens:----------- Yours:

Case lenght: 52,32-52,63 -----52,83 (2.08)
Body lenght: 39,80-40,70 -----
Neck lenght: 7,80-8,20
Rim: 14,05-14,17 ------------- 15,18 (.598)
Haed: 12,26-12,52 ----------- 12,57 (.495)
Shoulder: 10,87-10,98
Neck: 8,93-9,17 -------------- 9,01 (.355)
Bullet: 8,10-8,14 -------------- 8,28 (.326)

The difference between rim and head seems to be exagerated. Can you post a high resolution image of the headstamp?


Could it be an 8x52R Siamese someone has made up?


I did not think there was any headstamp, but this is a better view of the base.

As an aside, I just discovered this site a few days ago, and I have enjoyed spending several (many) hours going through the old posts. I even found out some here are interested in old primers. There is a wealth of information here I had no idea was available.
I appreciate the help trying to ID this cartridge. I have some other weird specimens I would like some help with, but I will not overload the board with my stuff.


Go ahead and post them. No one here will mind. That’s what the board is for.