Trying to ID Grandfather's Shelk

I am trying to identify an empty shell case that my grandfather marked with his unit’s name in WW1. Headstamps; EOC. 5/01. and TD. There may be a partial O or C, I can’t tell which. Elswick Ordinance Co., but dimensions don’t match anything I could find. It measures 80mm in diameter, 210mm in length, with a rim diameter of 96mm.

With the given measurements I am unable to match it with anything listed in BIG BORE AMMUNTION, R. Hawkinson (2012). Perhaps a picture of the case and headstamp might help.

Side note Elswick Ordnance Company was taken over by the W.G. Armstrong Company in 1863, Armstrong latter became Armstrong-Whitworth who marked cartridges cases, fuzes etc. with “EOC” in the early 1900’s.


Great photo.

The case is dated 1901. Can you provide a photo of the entire case?

What little I know is that many of the EOC marked cases of this time frame were for foreign contracts, particularly for Japan.

Hopefully some of those more knowledgeable will chime in on this.


Upon doing a bit more searching in BIG BORE AMMUNTION there is a listing in the Japanese cartridge case section:
Listing #1559, 76.2x212mmR, 99mm rim diameter, 80mm inside case mouth diameter, tapered case, separate loading; 3 inch Japanese Navy Vickers Type 3, extended primer.

Close to the dimensions provided but not definitive proof.


Could you show a photo of the case from the side?

Does the open end have a series of small semi-circular notches cut into the top edge?

Thanks Brian. Those are the closest to the dimensions of this shell that I have seen. I don’t know how it would be a bring-back by my grandfather in WW1 France and Germany.