Tube vent, electric "625" l1a4

Hi Folks , I am pretty sure this is an ignighter for a large gun, but thats all I know , the headstamp is RG MX 75 L1A4 , I do know its British made by Radway Green , its a chunky looking round 2 3/4 in. long , tapered to a short neck its inside dia. is .388 and it has a thick rim ,this is a fired round . Thanks Randy[/b]

Sounds like the Venturi Tube Igniter for the main gun on the Cheiften Tank. I’m sure Tony can confirm or correct this information.

Your specimen is a TUBE VENT, ELECTRIC “625” L1A4.

It is an electric igniter for the 120 mm gun which was mounted on the British Chieftain and Challenger tanks.

My specimen in collection is headstamped

RG JB 71 L1A4

As far as I know, we have only encountered fired specimens to date…at least here in Europe.



Thanks for the replies guys, do we know what the MX on mine and the JB on Philippe’s means ? Randy

I am not sure what the additional letters mean on the 120mm igniters, they may be batch codes.

There is also a drill version of the L4A1. It is chemically blackened, 3 x 120 holes in case and blind primer pocket.

Hearstamp is RG 73 L2A1 DRILL.


There was a previous thread recently on UK Tank tubes if you do a search on ‘TVE’ it should throw up the thread - there were some good images. The ‘625’ is actually 0.625in
I’m away from my references so cannot enlighten you on actual meaning of the additional letters - will have a check when I get back home.


Nice Drill Tony - I blagged a solid brass dummy out of a Chieftain tank some 30 years ago - see photo attached.