Tubia arsenal

George Layman in his book “Remington Rolling Block Military Rifles of the World” makes mention of a headstamp on a .43 Spanish cartridge from the Tubia Arsenal. I am not famaliar with this. I know of Spanish raised headstamps fom Sevilla Armory, Havana, and Toledo. But, I have never hear of Tubia. Can someone help?

I don’t know about an arsenal there, but Tubia (or Xubia), in northwest Spain was a center for copper production in Spain. It makes some sense that a cartridge manufacturing operation might have been located nearby at one time.

From an 1862 report: “At Tubia, near Ferrol, are the splendid copper works belonging to the Spanish Government. It is now employed in the manufacture of copper in slieets and nails furnished to tlie royal arsenal at Ferrol”

Thank you, that helps.

In the meantime, by accident searching the internet, I discovered what the confusion is. There is a Fabrica de Armas de TRUBIA, not Tubia. The Fabrica de Armas de Trubia is appaently famous for tank production in Spain. But could have also produced cartridges with their unique headsamps also.

George, even though there are some obscure Spanish manufacturers of this cartridge, it is not documented that any Remington cases (or small arms ammunition) were made at Trubia.