Tula Cartridge Works offering civilian 12.7x99 and 12.7x108

In the latest catalog Tula Cartridge Works is offering a 12.7x99 (.50 BMG) and 12.7x108 hunting load (both FMJ).
Both cartridges are supposedly made (or will be) at the Ulyanovsk plant who made the 12.7x108 (millitary) before and some time back (ca. 2010-2013) announced to have developed a 12.7x99 steel case (back then already designated as “hunting”).

Has anybody seen the headstamps already?

The offered load in 12.7x99 is with a brass case. Strange they did not offer the steel case.

Projectile weight for both calibers is identical!

The 12.7x99 was offered several years ago in their catalogs (Wolf). At the shot show this year I again asked about them (at the Wolf booth) & the gentleman told me none were in production at that time, as far as he knew.

So don’t hold your breath… at least from the Wolf brand

Pete, now there is no Wolf from Tula (and sowith Ulyanovsk) as they are not producing for Wolf anymore.

Hi Alex, thanks for that. I have a very hard time keeping track of Russian parent companies & so I get mixed up.

The banner on the booth said Wolf, but as you see with the .303 thread they had LVE headstamped products too.

So I thought perhaps we were taking about the same company.

Pete, Wolf / WPA is a US company which is contracting various manufacturers.
They started out with TCW (#539 and since 2006 also Ulyanovsk #3 as part of TCW). I guess back then it was a joint venture with TCW which then split up (ca. 2009) in a law case about the Wolf trademark. After that Wolf (USA) who won the law case contracted several other companies like Barnaul (#17), LVE (#188), KSPZ (#711) from Russia and LCW (#270) from Ukraine - now not operational since summer of 2014 and also PPU of Serbia.
You may have noticed that since 2009 TCW is figuring as “Tulammo” as they could not use the Wolf name/trademark anymore.

thanks Alex, a real road map !

What about Ulyanovsk? I know that at one time WOLF Military Classic in 9mm was made by Ulyanovsk.

As said above, Ulyanovsk belongs to TCW since 2006 and was out of Wolf the same day in 2009 when TCW lost the trademark case.

Since Ulyanovsk belongs to TCW their commercial ammunition is also no longer marked or traded as “UPZ” since they are using the TCW logos and headstamps on ammunition.
Just military production retained the code #3 while TCW is #539.


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Spasibo Ruslan!

Great to see them finally being marketed.

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Images from the TCW website:


BTW, the 12.7x108 box has .50 BMG cartridges in front.
Should not happen with a manufacturer…

I noticed that, too. Silly mistakes make for bad marketing

Just received these:

Front label

End tab


Side panel

Carton contents

Raised headstamp



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Tulammo 12.7x99mm

Front label

Side panel


Carton contents

Raised headstamp



Brian, WOW! This is quite a catch!
Are these traded commercially now in the US?



Brian, excellent pictures, thanks a lot!

The REAL surprise is in the bullet ! Try sectioning the projectile of the .50 BMG

I wrote an article about them for Very High Power Magazine