Tula made .308 Win commerative box for the battle of Kursk, 1943




Hmhm…weird box as the .308 didn’t exist at all at that time. Let’s make a nice box and sell it. Even the pictured T34 is wrong. Bad marketing. Just my opinion.

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Typical flamboyant and over-the-top Russian nationalism, in my eyes.
I doubt you would ever see Winchester making D-Day anniversary boxes of 5,56…



“Brass jacket / Enhanced accuracy”… narrows eyes with skepticism… The marketing link between .308 soft points for hunting (intended for U.S. retail consumption) and a massive WWII tank battle in Russia is unclear. That being said, the link between zombie-themed ammo and pistol-caliber self defense is also unclear, but that worked out tremendously well for Hornady.


Because I’m tired and don’t feel like reading a lot…the gist is the cardboard is all that is different than standard production?

I am no tank specialist but I do believe Germans have added cupolas to captured Soviet tanks, so the picture may be possible.

The T34/76 received cupolas in the fall of '43.
Based on the gun mantle and turret cheeks of the tank on the Tula box it looks like a T34/85.

The /85 commenced production in '44…


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I would still take that box over any zombie ammo any day.

Jon +1

Yes, Ole, that’s exactly what I meant. The whole box is rubbish. But sometimes, rubbish is interesting for collectors…

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These boxes are no history book after all and about 99.999% of the potential buyers do not care (and most do not know even if so).
Here it is about patriotizm and not historical correctness, this is what books are for.

Current Tula commercial box label, from the internet-



As if the title didn’t make it clear what the topic was…


Thank you Brian. The cartridges in the first post looked different to me for some reason. I thought the steel case color might have been different as well as the box.

It appears that battle of Kursk commemorative boxes are being used with other calibers, here is an example of a TulAmmo .223 box:


I feel like the commemorative box would be more fitting for a crate of 76.2×385 mmR

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