Tungsten Carbide core manufacturers on German 7.92mm

German WW2 labels do feature the lot number of the tungsten carbide core manufacturer.

So far I saw:
Kp (assumed Krupp)
Rö (assumed Röchling)
P 322 (?)

The main question is on “Kp”. Is it indeed Krupp?

And also the factory codes are followed by more letters (not always) like Kp.Br. or Rö.Bu., Rö.F. and maybe others.
Are these the locations?

Here an example (source internet):

P322 - Stahlwerke Röchling Buderus = Rö.Bu.
Rö.F. - Röchling-Buderus, Finowfurt

Kr. or Kp. - must be Krupp. Kp.Br. ? Krupp / Buderus cooperation [??] (box 1940)

The cores were made by as far we know;

Rö Bu = Röchling Buderus Plant Finowfurt
P322 = Röchling Buderus Plant Finowfurt
Kr. B. = Krupp Essen, Plant Bremen-Oslebshausen
67E = Krupp Essen, Plant Bremen-Oslebshausen
F. = Unknown
Rö = Röchlingsche Eisen und Stahlwerke G.m.b.H. Plant Völklingen/Saar
Menck & Hambrock Hamburg-Altona (Code unknown)
Meutsch, Voigtländer & Co, Essen Testorder, no production.

In M. Heidler book is a “Menck & Hambrock GmbH, Stahlwerk, Hamburg-Altona 1, Gr. Brunnenstr. 78” with code “293” and “dxk”.

The problem is, they dilivered the cores, (Bohrspitzen)
but I never see a code or shortage from the plant on a SmK-H label.


Willem, thanks a lot!!!

Now I wonder why they did not use normal Wehrmacht codes for the large part?