Tungsten Penetrators Sectioned

New batch of tungsten penetrators that have been sectioned.
Was wondering why the Swiss (T) P .308 has two different Over All Lengths? The sectioned one is seated deeper than the one with the waxed necked projectile. From what I understand, the British had to shorten the OAL of the Swiss P for the .338 sniper rifles because the magazines are smaller. Is this the same reason? Thanks Kevin

Wolfgang - don’t tease us. What is the 9 mm sectioned round with penetrator
core? HeadstAmp? Loading factory, if not their headstamp?

Looks like a Bundeswehr DM91. Only MEN makes them as far as I know. Most popular among special forces, who were very much surprised that a cartridge giving 3900 bar pressure reduces the lifespan of a P8 pistol designed for the 2500 bar DM11 quite considerably. (Pressures measured in a CIP barrel; CIP pressure for civilian 9 mm Luger is 2350 bar.)

maybe this 9mm is for submachine gun
but 3900 bars is very hot

Yes, its the DM91 from MEN/ 2007. All I can tell you would just be coming from Matt Collins book “Pistol-Caliber Penetrators”.
They did cost me a lot! Sorry John.