Turk question


I think this headstamp is dated 1991, but do they still use segmented headstamps? I thought segmentation was abandoned a long time ago. Or maybe it is 1951. Am I wrong?


I have Turkish 7.9 x 57 Mauser rounds, some made in other countries with the Turkish headstamps of course, from the late 1920’s until 1951 with Turkish script headstamps and the four segment lines. In 1952, the 7.9 headstamps changes to a trinomial style with letters in the Western Alphabet: M.K.E. 952 7.9 . That headstamp has no segment lines.

It is interesting that they used the Italian style of dating on the 1952 round, showing it just as “952.” this is, by the way, the highest date I have in a Turkish 7.9 x 57 cartridge. That, of course, is not a guarantee that there are not later dates.