Turkey Day

Out of sheer interest and a wish to salvage this post from being deleted, does anyone here actually hunt a Thanksgiving turkey, and, if you do, which calibre shotgun and a load do you use? I hear turkey’s plumage is close to impermeable to shotgun loads. I have a lot of turkeys around but no desire to direct projectiles into them.

Remington used to make duplex turkey loads of which I bought a lot of many years ago. Not eating backyard turkey this year but usually do. They are not impervious to a mixed load of 4’s and 6’s. better than store bought bird. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Happy Turkey Day
3 inch 12 ga #4 heavy shot. However turkey season down here in the south is in the spring. Its all about the deer right now.
You need to aim for the head so not to ruin the meat. If your hitting the plumage than you would be better off buying your bird!
(The locals down here prefer to have a coon on the Thanksgiving day table, tradition.)

Winchester Double X 12ga, #5 shot.

Wolfganggross is correct about the headshot… As the meat bruises

I hunt my T-day dinner with a 150gr NBT launched from a 30-Govt-06 cartridge (venison, it’s what’s for dinner)

Had ot delay my Turkey day this year-now scheduled for 14 Dec, but when I was young my Grandfather (Mothers Father) regularly provided a wild Turkey or two on Thanksgiving, and always with a shotgun. In later years his sons often provided the turkey. As far as I know, high power #4 shot works great and always has.