Türkisch 9mm Browning Box and ammo pic

I Show a 1968 box from MKE and cartridge with hs…
as the headstamp was not easely readable, I have put the hs in white above the ammo


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Is that military ammunition?

I think it is likely military. I believe the commercial box from this period is yellow & Blue and the earlier box is black and gray! Still just a guess.

Very nice box!


It likely is military or Police. Turkey made and used a copy of the
Walther PP Pistol, made at Makina ve Kimya, Kirikkale Tüfel Fabrikular,
at Kirikkale (MKE). I had one of these pistols made in 1950, brought
back from the Korean War by an American soldier along with
a sealed box of ammo, 9 Kisa Browning (9 Short Browning; 380
auto). I have never opened the box, which I still have (the gun is
long gone) because the way in which it is wrapped and sealed,
I have never been able to discover how it opens, and don’t want
to ruin it trying to find the answer.

John Moss