Turkish 50 Browning Blank


I haven’t been in my stroreroom for quite some time, and it was fun digging through it. Had forgotten I had the round below.





And as most have suspected already this one here was made for Germany.


These must be production overrun or rejects since the box label looks purely Turkish commercial!

Is DM18 a blank or a ball round?



Lew, might well be as Turkey back then had huge contracts with the German military and overrun sure was happening.

As per the regulation the DM18 should apply only to the case not the load BUT here it indeed is the designation of the 12.7x99 blank round. Maybe back then the marking regulations were not as settled and strict as they are today.
Another possibility is that the DM18 designation was not supposed to be on the hs and this is why the lot was not adopted by the Germans and remained in Turkey and saw domestic use.


Up to the end of Septermber 1956, Germany had ordered ammunition worth 740 million marks from Turkey, compared to a total expenditure of 3888 million marks for foreign procurements at that date. Turkey was second only to the United Kingdom, which had orders from Germany worth 1827 million marks. While UK materiel was considered good, the quality of Turkish ammunition triggered the first procurement scandal in Bundeswehr history.

(The numbers are from a Ph.D thesis by Bundeswehr officer Dieter H. Kollmer.)


Jochem, what was the problem with Turkish ammunition? Any details known?

This also could explain why some rejected lots have remained in Turkey.


Kollmer, who concentrates on the procurement of the HS30 infantry fighting vehicle, does not go into details on the Turkish ammunition matter beyond mentioning the use of low quality (minderwertig) brass as one of the problems.

He points to German military archives file BW 9/1294 as describing the matter in detail.


Everybody must need a low quality Turkish blank made for Germany in their collection!!!

Seriously, thanks for the interesting information behind this cartridge.