Turkish 7.62 mm M13 & 5.56 mm M27 links


Some drawings by MKE:


Interesting information, thank you !



Fede, do you know who all the current manufacturers of M27 & M13 links worldwide are? I posted a similar question some time ago and got no responses.


Have you looked at the free list Ron Fuchs has available for download? There are a couple of files dedicated to M27 links (959.1 & 959.2).

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The only reliable information on the producers of M13 links is to be found on the excellent pages from one of our number, Kevin Adams. These are to be found here;


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Very interesting and informative sites. What I was looking for was a listing of only those link manufacturers currently making links. I had understood that Valentec-Wells/Wells Marine in California had for years been the only manufacturer of links in the US, and some years back, their link operation was acquired by ATK and moved to Lake City. I’d be most interested in the background and details of that operation.


I have some M13 links marked RG 77 with the nato mark ,is that British.


Yes, RG = Radway Green.



Thanks,I looked on Kevin Adams site but they were not listed.