Turkish 7.65 Mauser

Can someone give me some info on this 7.65 Argentine headstamp. Someone has wrote EGYPT on the case. Thanks; Jack

I’m not familiar with this headstamp style, but I think the numerals in the Eastern Arabic style (as they appear to me) at the top are 324, representing the year 1324. This corresponds to about 1907-08, so perhaps this was made in or on behalf of Ottoman Turkey. The style isn’t much like either earlier or later examples of Turkish headstamps I have seen. JG

I think it actually is 1324, the 1 hit a bit light.

Ken Elk’s book shows one like that except with a crescent on both sides of the star. He says that it is DWM made for Turkey. Neat cartridge!

The 7,65 Turkish cartridge shown is indicative of the First lots assembled by the upgraded Rifle Factory at Istanbul, in 1908-9 ( date uncertainty due to the vagaries of the Turkish fiscal and ordnance calendar).

DWM did have a hand in the Upgrade of the cartridge making Plant, and initially supplied semi-finished components to the Turkish factory for assembly.( 1908). BY the time of the 1911-12 Italo-Turkish War and concurrent Balkan wars, the Turkish headstamp had developed into the “small mauser” descriptive headstamp commonly found in WW I souvenir cartridges.], and these were completely made in Turkey, even though supplies of Primers and Powders were still being sourced from Germany and Britain up to 1914…even Loaded ammo was purchased from Kynoch before 1914.

A truely independant and self-sufficient Ammunition Industry was set up by Ataturk in the Turkish War of Independance period,( 1920-22) and firmly set in place with full Powder making facilites by 1924 ( details from MKE Website).

Nice, uncommonly seen Turkish cartridge.

Doc AV
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After consulting my lunar calendar I find that 1324 ran from late February 1906 to mid-February 1907. The lunar calendar was used for production dates on Mauser rifles in the 1890s and, I assume, was the source of this date. The fiscal and lunar calendars diverged by only about a year at this point, so some caution is advised. JG