Turkish 7.65 Packet from Gallipoli

I have recently purchased the estate collection of my original ‘collecting mentor’. At one time he had the most complete collection of WW1 era Turkish rifles and accoutrements.
I first saw this 15rd 7.65 Mauser packet in his collection some 35 years ago and like much of his collection a direct acquisition from a veteran. This packet allegedly returned with an Australian veteran of the Gallipoli battlefield.

Any translation of the Arabic packet details and any other information greatly appreciated.


TurkishM1890 cartridges, made 1324 (1908 approx).

Seems at least Turkish Assembled from German components. The first Turkish ammo factory only started in 1908 with German Assistance; before that ammo was imported made-up, or as components for assembly.
The Spitzer change-over occured about 1908-1910, and pre-1903 rifles had their rearsight ladders changed with new ones supplied by Mauser.
The other script is hard to decifer.
Cartridges are in very good condition except for the Leaker ( moisture into powder).
As the Gallipoli regiments were mostly armed with M90s, it is certaintgat most were still unconverted;
Although by August 1915, M1903 Rifles and Carbines were being used with Spitzer ammo.
My M1908 Engineer’s Musketoon was captured at Jacobs Post, ( Lone Pine) on 15 August 1915,from a Turkish Engineers unit strenghtening their trenches opposite Jacob’s Post Trench. 7th Batt.AIF.
Read about the battle in Bean’s History.

Nice recovery. Keep it safe…the leaky case should be dismantled and cleaned ( vinegar and hot water) to prevent further deterioration.
Doc AV
Vizier of Turkomania on GB and Parallax C&R.

Doc, thanks for the info. Comprehensive as always. Also the cure for the “Leaker”.


Great item Pete C. thanks for showing, don’t see these too often!

Very nice item. What is the headstamp? Jack

Thanks Jack & Pete, yes, the only packet I had ever seen. As mentioned the previous owner was dedicated to Turkish arms and ammunition and was the only packet he had managed to acquire. My regret is that when he decided to quit his rifle collection back in the 80’s, I didn’t appreciate their significance didn’t take up the opportunity to purchase them.
Pic of headstamp attached Jack, apologies but present resources only allow for a Scan…Turk%205

You surely don’t need to apologize, and the scan is fine. Thanks much, Jack

Doc AV, Turkey adoped the “S” cartridge in 1903. Earliest known examples are also dated 1903 (1320) and were made by DWM with Arabic headstamps. Some can be found in my country from time to time.