Turkish 7.65x53 Belgian Mauser

I found it inside a German made box of 7.65x53 Argentine “DM 1893 K” ammo, this Arabic headstamp being the only one in the box. I literally don’t know which way to turn (pun intended, if I placed the headstamp the wrong way). Any help, please?


Vlad - I think this is Turkish. They used the 7.65 Belgian Mauser (really the correct name of the cartridge - it was first used by Belgium I believe) early on.
I cannot interpret the headstamp. I am sure Fede or someone will answer that.

Date 6 o’clock 1322 (1906) and calibre “little Mauser” 7.65 vs 9.5 big Mauser.

It’s the four figures at six o’clock that represent the word Mauser. Jack

This is Turkish contract cartridge made by Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Karlsruhe and is often found mixed in boxes full of DM K headstamped cartridges. In the same way, DM K cartridges can be found mixed in boxes full of Turkish headstamps.

As Jack said, the five characters at 6 o’clock represent word ماوزر, which is translated as Mawzr (Mauser). The last one -which in fact is the first one because this is readed from right to left- looks like one single character but shows two of them combined (ما = Ma). Characters at 9 o’clock are transtaled as “little” or “small” (i.e. “small size mauser”).

The manufacturing date is found at 2 o’clock and shows Hijri calendar date ٣٠٩ (309 = 1309), which means it was made in the period covering from August 1891 to July 1892 of the Gregorian calendar.