Turkish berthier ammo

Hi everyone, who manufactured ammo supplied to the Turkish government for the use in the Berthier forestry carbine?
I think a lot of them were French ammo recovered along with berthier carbines.

The Orman Berthier ( Forestry Guards) short rifles were from ashipment of M1907/15 Rifles sent from Vichy Lebanon-Syria
to pro Nazi rebelsin Irak…only the train line goes thru partof Turkey(
Result of partition of Ottoman Empire, with Leb. Baghdad railway pre dating partition!)
The Turks, being “neutral” seized the shipment of “N” chamberedrifles AND M.1932 Balle N ammo and stored them

In 1948, they converted the rifles to the Orman pattern using parts from former M1905 Mauser Carbines…and used the pre war M1932 Ammo…severalmillion rounds were seized.
BTW,noneof the Orman guns ( about 5000 made, from surveys)
Were derived from WWI or Greek War captures…( no N rechambering) as is commonly and wrongly assumed.
The Turks were very carefull with their ammo stocks…they even traded back to Greece captured 6.5 MS ammo from the 1920 war, for WWII German 7,9 ammo held in Greece from 1944…

The inscrutable Middle East!!!

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Thank you very much

Thanks Grucchak,
Your post helped me stumble onto a clip I have!


Nothing, I have only one of them, bought for 10 euros along with other “uncommon” clips (MkII .303, M88 8mm Mannlicher, vz. 52 and something else), and it fits only a balle M, so sad…