Turkish hstp on Flobert and handgun ctges

here is a nice arab hstp


Arab or something Asian?

arab arab
in fact Turkish

Looks much more Chinese than Arabic.

we can see at once you’re not living in France!

What does it say then?

It says “Turkish Monopole” or if you prefer “FTCI”

And if FTCI, they have not used Arabic or Chinese letters!
So I guess one does not need to live in France to not read Arabic!

  1. I never told you the exact traduction was FTCI

  2. I told you the meaning was FTCI (or Turkish Monopoly if you prefer)

  3. They are not the regular letters used nowadays , they are calligraphy letters.

  4. And on this small hstp they didn’t put all the points which are on the drawing of the mark.

Put a point on the right of the T and you will recognize “jim”
The vertical straight is “alif”
Put a point above the vertical line at the bottom and you will recognize “fa”
Put a point above the vertical line at the top and you will recognize a “ta”

Or something like that


I have some new info:
The traduction is FTCI
And this hstp is also found on a lot of other revolver and pistol ctges (7.65 brg, 32 S&W, 320 Cf, 25ACP, 8 mm Mle92, 7.65 Mannlicher, 9 Bayard, 38 S&W, 380 CF, 9 Steyr, 7.65 Para)

Here is an example on a 9 Bayard ctge



Is this from the same manufacturer??
It is a metal detecting find.

Regards rené

it is for the same customer
the manufacturer is, depending of the years, FN or SFM

Thanks !