Turkish made 10.67x57R 4.2-line Russian Berdan

Is there any info on Turkish made 10.67x57R 4.2-line Russian Berdan cartridges?
Means images of headstamps and possible background like production years etc.

As Far as I know, Turkey, up to about 1905, only imported European Made Cartridge Cases, and Loaded them at their Istanbul Rifle Factory and other places. A copmpletye Cartridge case drawing Plant was only set up in the early 1900s by German Suppliers (DWM) and until they started full “Native” Production in 1908-10, Components and Powder were still imported from Europe, as well as Loaded ammunition (Kynoch, DWM, FN); All cartridges had Turkish script headstamps.

I have not heard of Turkish Production of 10,6 Berdan ammo ( for Russian Arms captured during or after 1877-8 Russo Turkish war, or from Balkan states in 1908-1913?). Since this may have been a rather small amount of rifles, considering Turtkey Lost in 1878, and didn’t do to well in the Balkan wars either? could it be Post WW I acquisition of Berdan II Rifles from the New Soviet union ( along with Lenin’s Mosin Rifles? or German-donated Berdan Rifles during WW I?

By then, Turkey would have been capable of Making its own Berdan Cartridges, but as they contracted SMI (Italy) in the 1920s to make 9,5x60R M87 Cartridges, maybe they did the same 10,6 Berdan. ( still with Script Markings till 1928).

To resolve this question, a) a Time frame is required, and b) Information about qty. of Berdan rifles in Turkish use. I will enquire on GB with JPS, expert on WW I armaments.

Doc AV

Thanks Doc… So far I been told the Turkish made ones have no headstamp and the cases are solid drawn (front rim-edge is sharp) and not like the “thin” Berdan design (2 rounded rim-edges).