TUX 26.5 signal flare


I have a signal flare that has TUX stamped on the head and cannot find out who made it. I thought it may be German but I’m not 100% sure. Signal, Licht, DM13B1 is stenciled on the side. Any ideas?


Its is indeed German.
The case is made by “Tubex-Vertrieb GmbH” of Rangendingen.

But the black lettering on the case wall should also have a lot number where the manufacturer of the cartridge is given.


Hi Alex - I finally remembered to take some pictures. There are no other marking on the case. Only “verbrauchen bis 9.83”, which Google tells me is the expiry date.

As it is illegal here to possess anything that is live and larger than 20mm, I disassembled it, disposing of the powder and the star (it certainly hadn’t expired). I then machined a replacement star from Aluminium bar stock and reassembled it. Oh - I sectioned the case whilst I was at it:

Same treatment with a four star signalpatrone by Vereinigte Aluminium-Werke (VAW):

I have a white and red to reassemble once I get some more aluminium.


Nice sections!


Mayhem, well done!

The one has the “NIC” in the lot number which is NICO of Trittau. Today they are a part of Rheinmetall.


Thanks for the clarification Alex. I will amend my records. That particular case has VAW and 08I stamped on the head. I found a post here stating that VAW = Vereinigte Aluminium-Werke, so I’m guessing that this is the company who produced the cases for Nico? I just noticed I incorrectly wrote VUX in my previous post, which I have now corrected.


Yes, NICO and others were/are buying their cases from random suppliers.
But to what I have observed in recent years is that the case manufacturers (for 26.5mm) became fewer in Germany.