TV composite 308 on sale

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Interesting, but too rich for my wallet…

Seriously? At over $7 per shot who do they expect to buy this as shooting ammo? Well at least they include a bag for the spent casings, how thoughtful!
I suppose one could enjoy caviar and a sip of fine wine in between shots to help savor the moment!



These are obviously not shooting ammo in a collector’s box with collector stuff

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If they made them in 7.62 Tokarev I would have to be in for a box!
Hear that TV?

Tokarev, Tokarev - we need to see 7.62x39 ! :grin:

From someone in the industry who tested.

“This ammo is great for bolt guns, but in belt-fed systems the projo’s can become dislodged or loosened. They just can’t handle the lateral stress like brass or steel cases can. They are light though.”

So perhaps all the R&D expenses need to be recouped or ?.

I wish them success. But not being rich, I’ll have to wait for one.