Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant pictures

For those interested in Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (Supplemental Photographic Documentation of Archetypal Buildings, Structures, and Equipment for Army Materiel Command National Historic Context for World War II Ordnance) click on the following web link for a PDF containing a series pictures of the plant taken in 1995: … tTRDoc.pdf

This is a large file so it may be slow to download.


Thank you! Super interesting and awesome photos! Major history, there.


For those of us in the upper midwest and interested in the NFL…that site has been in the news a lot as one of the propsed sites for a new Minneapolis football stadium…and they speak often of the “clean up” of the site as well. My guess, there will be a new stadium but not on that site (more likely downtown MSP)

Did not know that! Going for a “bomb” would take on a whole new meaning if the stadium would have been built there. I’d love to be on the “Clean-Up” crew! I bet there are historical treasures all over the place that will not be saved.

Not knowing the status of the TW site at present, if it hasn’t been substantially “Cleaned Up” already, the process will take far longer than anyone in the NFL would want to wait. Such remediation projects typically take many, and sometimes many, many, years to complete. It involves vastly more work than just bringing in some bulldozers, wrecking balls, and dump trucks.