Twin Cities Arsenal

Good article in this mornings St. Paul newspaper about the land the former Twin Cities arsenal which made ammunition from 1941 through 1975. Evidently the Federal government didn’t clean up the site for many years. The county of Ramsey purchased the land before the “superfund” was declared, like a very smart thing to do! I always wondered weren’t there any enviromental regulations in place when this plant was going “great guns” to prevent this from happening from the get go? Have all the arsenal’s have problems like this? You read about this place in the newspaper all the time!

The major problems of an ammunition factory ( not “arsenal”) is the primer compound disposal pit, where priming compound which is too sensitive or not sensitive enough is deactivated chemically.
The remaining lead compounds pollute both land and water. Lead styphnate (non corrosive primers) is the main cause of residual lead pollution.
Earlier primers (Potassium chlorate etc ) had other metals present.

Doc AV

Thank you Doctor Vallati for the technical info! Tom