Twin Pines pistol ammo - Philippines

I just stumbled across some photos showing some oddball pistol ammo marketed by, and seemingly loaded by a brand called Twin Pines in the Philipines. They seem to be a sporting goods shop selling guns, ammo, and accessories with multiple locations across the Philippines.

The one that caught my attention was called the H.E.A.T. or HEAT armor piercing rd in .45acp which looks like nothing more than a Hornady XTP bullet with an inserted steel rod with conical tip. The degree of uniformity indicates a decent manufacturing capacity, as well as the printed packaging, so they are at least on par with outfits like ELP in Oregon, or even Magsafe in Florida

They show an otherwise unremarkable hollow point line called “Talisman” (probably Hornady XTP’s):

A dated 9mm Armscor headstamp can be seen when zoomed-in:

Screen shot 2015-08-24 at 10.50.45 PM_zpsakisiqtn

Then they have the obligatory anti-vampire / werewolf load called the “Silver Bullet”:

I originally came across the HEAT armor piercing .45 auto images at a forum thread at

These, like several other Pilipino loads I have seen, are probably totally unobtainable by Europeans & Americans, but I give the South American countries a better chance of possibly encountering these. I believe these are also somewhat defunct and no longer available, but it is hard to tell.

Matt, very interesting, thanks you for posting this.

In this previous thread you can see pictures of another ammunition brand by Twin Pines: … =8&t=15199

Here is a drawing of the Copper Jacketed Dart Tip load: