Two (2) New 7.62 x 39's for Trade

As for the history of these two (2) rds.,see “Kevin / Wolfgangs” post on the sectioned “Solid Brass Serbian 7.62 x 39 rds”.(Posted 23 March 2012) plus my post on the forum “Mfg. ID. for unknown 7.62 x 39” (Posted 03 Feb. 2012)mine was ref. the unknown headstamp: HMP 95.
I will have six (6) of the “Solid Brass Projectile” rds.,and nine (9) of the HMP 95 headstamped rds. on my table at “SLICS” for trade for 7.62 x 39’s that I do not have in my main 7.62 x 39 collection. Again Trade Only.

Charles.J.Wells (Jack)
Sgm. USA.Ret.