Two 7,92x57 questions

First is a round bought from france, it has no headstamp but looks like the stamp has been removed no primer but you can just make out the 3 stab crimps so I think it must have been a fired case at some time. On the side of the case is the word IETTE. This has been inpressed maybe with a patton wheel, or stamp. The bullet is hollow and with only the outside CN coating, so is this trench art?

The second photo shows two broken case extractors, there are no marks on them, there are differences between them. One has a beveled base the other is flat, The belt around the base are different widths and shapes. The threaded collet one has a lip at the top. and the last bit the knob at the ends are different shapes and one has a slot for a screwdriver? My question is can anyone put a date or mod number the the two items…thanks…paul.

To compare with yours, I can show you a few WW2 extractor tools.
The German ones have a manufacturer on the tool and a WaA stamp.

As far I know there are two models known.


The purpose of the “lip at the top” on a couple of the headless shell extractors is to extract cartridge necks which have been pulled forward by the bullet to which they were crimped when the cartridge was discharged. In some situations a detached neck can be drawn a couple of millimeters (a sixteenth of an inch or more) into the throat portion of the barrel before the bullet pulls free and unless they can be engaged from the front they will be very difficult to dislodge. Jack

Dutch and Jack thanks, I will take some more photos the same as yours so we can see the differences. Do you think they are German, and if not who’s? I have looked again under a microscope and can not see any marks…paul.

Paul: My eyes may be misleading me, but the upper of the two extractors you show looks to be shorter than the other, as though perhaps intended for the 7.65 m/m Mauser or a similar rimless cartridge. For what it’s worth, I have an extractor like Dutch’s top specimen marked only with an imperial crown over Fraktur letter acceptance stamp. Jack

Jack, I have never seen an imperial crown over Fraktur letter acceptance stamp on this item.

Could you please make a picture?

Many thanks in advance.


I have taken some more pics, the two complete items are shown, the breakdown pics are shown the same way round, ie any item on the left of the pic belongs to the complete item on the left in the first pic… sure you know what I mean!!!

Paul: I see now that the two tools are of the same basic dimensions; the perspective evidently threw me.

Dutch: On my tool the inspector’s mark is at the bottom of the outer sleeve and is the smallest of the imperial German marks. The crown is pretty clear, but only the top of the letter was struck and looks like it might have been a B. It and your similar tool are essentially the same but on mine the inner rod has a bevel toward the top where yours has a distinct step. Jack