Two black "dots" on neck of Chinese 12,7x108 mm AP


Curiosity got the best of me.
I have a 12,7x108 mm AP round headstamped 41 69, black primer annulus.
On the neck of the cartridge, two small black “dots” are placed, not entirely in line, down from the mouth. It seems to have been done on purpose. They are circular, flat, even dots. Top one is just a mm below the case mouth, second is about 3-4mm down. They are both approx. 1,5mm in diameter.

Do these have any significance, or are they just some spilled ink?
They are not the same lacquer as the annulus seal, they seem to be “rubbery” and easily felt when touching.

  • Ole


Ole, this is not too uncommon as such and as you say it is most likely spilled material. When it feels “rubbery” it should be some of the tar (or what ever is used) sealing for the projectile.


Of course, tar makes sense. Guess their placement looked just a little bit too neat to not be coincidental!
Thank you for the as always helpful answer.

  • Ole