Two boxes to put into correct time frame

What is the correct time frame for each of these two boxes? Both have been found in Finland.

Kynoch 7.65 Browning:

Fabrique Nationale 6.35:

Most Kynoch boxes have a date code stamped on the bottom /back. If this box has an inner sleeve it may be stamped on that. I have a similar box that is early 50’s.

Typical Kynoch Box from end of WW II to end of Operations (1960s) of the Company.

Doc AV

Thanks. The Kynoch box had no date code stamped on it but it looked post-WWII to me too.

Any ideas of the 6.35 mm FN box? My guess is post-WWII but can someone confirm this?

FN box is beginning of the decade of 80 years. My father bought the same boxes in Chile in 1981.
The Cartridge Headstamp in “F N *” and purple seal around the primer and the unión of the case an the bullet.

Cheers from Chile.

Mika, I just photographed this identical Kynoch box with a “4 N Z” code (June 4, 1951).