Two different boxes from 2 different ammunition reloading companies


A friend received these two boxes mixed in with a group of miscellaneous ammo and was curious about the history behind the boxes. Since I don’t have a clue concerning these reloaders I’m posting some photos here on the Forum.
Below are pictures of 2 different boxes one from Sandia Die & Cartridge, Albuquerque, New Mexico and the other from Star Reloads, Indianapolis, Illinois.

Can anyone provide a time frame for when these reloaders where in business? My guess is the late 1950’s to the 1970’s.

1) Sandia Die & Cartridge


2) Star Reloads

Any input is most welcomed.




Here are some tips to dating various things:
a- U.S. “ZIP” codes (5 digit number after the state) were adopted in 1963.

b- SOME addresses in larger U.S. cities used a “postal zone” between the city and state using 1 or 2 digits, starting in 1943 and lasting until replaced by ZIP codes in 1963.

c- “Warning* - keep out of reach of children” was required on U.S. made commercial boxes starting in 1962.

From these clues the Sandia box can be dated to 1962 or newer because it has the “Keep out of reach” warning. Since there is no street address this may have been printed before or after the start of ZIP codes.
Google turned up the following recent information:
Sandia Die & Cartridge
(505) 298-5729
37 Atanacio Rd. N.e.
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 87123

Star Reloading Company is subject of a long thread on the Indiana Gun Owners forum:



JohnS & tanegashimatomurata

Thank you both for the great information and link, much appreciated. I will pass the info along to my friend.



The Star Reloading was know to use a large star impressed in the primer as a brand mark for their products.

Here is a .308 Win box I picked up yesterday at the local gun show. No printed address on the this box.

As noted on the box reloads using military brass ranging from ⨁ LC 71 to 83, ⨁ IVI 70, and LC 64 MATCH headstamps, flat, nickel primers & GM-jacketed soft nose bullets.