Two different Spanish 9mm ammo... Info, please?

I have eight boxes of this 9mm Parabellum, [dated 2A NOV 1983 on the box bottom, HS= 9-P at 12 o’clock, SB-T at 7 o’clock, 83 at 4 o’clock] flat point exposed lead.
Is there anything I need to worry about if I decide to shoot it, or is it worth enough that I should save and/or sell it?

I have at least ten boxes of this 9mm LARGO, [not dated on any of the boxes, HS= SB-T at 10 o’clock, 7-6 at 2 o’clock, 81 at 6 o’clock] FMJ Round Nose.
Do I remember correctly that I can shoot this in my LLAMA .38 Super [Mk 5 model], or is it worth enough that I should save and/or sell it?
I also think I remember a dozen or so cases showing up at gun shows about 3 years ago, i have had this since the late 1999/2000 time frame.

Thanks, all!

I think the 7-6 is 9-L (9mm Largo).

Shooting ammo. If you want, keep a box of each, but it is/was pretty common stuff.

Yes, some of the ammo is LARGO, as stated on the box[es], and Santa Barbara, Toledo factory, and would be 1981 production, unless the 81 means something else…

For clarity sake, I always try to type the info into the description as best as I can in case the info in the pictures in not clear enough to be read.

Thanks, but is the LARGO, as I think I remember from too many years ago to be sure, safe to shoot in the .38 Super chamber?

I believe [memory failure again] the pressure is somewhere about the .38 ACP, maybe just a bit higher, but well below the .38 Super round.

I did a quick online search, but after the first cross-dresser showed up, I stopped looking… not kidding.

Edit to add: On the LARGO head stamp, is it “9-L” or “7-6”, and what is the meaning?
Thanks, again, all!

Sorry, missed that part.
I know a few guys who have successfully used Largo in .38 Auto pistols, buy YMMV. And as Dan stated above, it is 9-L, for 9mm Largo.

Ah, sorry, I missed that too… 9-L = 9mm Largo [slap forhead, say DUH]