Two Dummies

These seems to be one 6,5X55 and one .303 Brit
Does anyone have any information on these,please?


The left one is an early Swedish dummy on a Hirtenberger case.

The one on the right is indeed a 303 and its correct designation is “Cartridge S.A. Drill .303 inch D Mark VIII”. It was common for drill rounds to be made from rejected cases. In this instance, the case was made by Kynoch’s Kidderminster factory and was intended to be loaded as a mark 1 amour-piercing round.

During WWII they dispensed with coating the cases and left them brass. Where reject cases were used, they left the original headstamp intact. The red wooden bullet and distance piece are a single piece, which is why you can see red behind the two flash holes. They either drilled four holes in the case or put long tapered flutes. There should be four but I can only see one in your picture. Are there four?

From the digitaltmuseum, Sweden:

Model 1894 6.5x55mm dummy cartridge, Sweden

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Thanks all!
So the H stands for Hirtenberger then…nice to know.
1905 was by the way the year that the union of Norway and Sweden was dissolved…
The 303 has only 3 flutes evenly divided round the case…