Two headstamp ID

![20200316_085456|690x517](upThe one on the left is a Ewith another facing it. The one on the right is a V. Many thanks. Tonytheload://5sQRmMIQOFegLYUZtMRrUPSw66Z.jpeg)

It looks like a badly made H for Winchester and a V for Russian Vostok but I may be wrong?

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That is a legit Winchester “H” head stamp - appears the bunter may have been worn/chipped. I frequently encounter them. This style of “V” head stamp was used on special production runs for Val Forgett (Navy Arms) and offered through Dixie Gun Works for 32 short & 41 Short (Derringer). Made by Companhia Brasileira de Cartouchos, Sau Paulo, Brazil. They also made 22 r.f. for Magtech.

You are correct that V was on Dixie made rimfires but I am sure I shot hundreds of Russian Vostok .22 long rifle with this same V headstamp.

I doubt it is Vostok as the shown one differs considerably from these Vostoks out of my boxes. The “left arm” of the V is always wider than the “right” one.

The example on the right looks like a .41 Short made by CBC for Navy Arms.

Thanks for the reminder duqjans . Different V but it was years ago.
The original post gave no dimensions of the cases which makes things harder to ID.

Many thanks for all your replys