Two interesting findings (to me) at the local gun show today

  1. Boxes of both .22 LR and .22 WMR from CCI with “Swamp People” packaging. Has a picture of Troy Landry, the Cajun guy that always says “Choot em - Choot em” on the label. Fairly pricy, so it must be intended for collectors (or maybe alligator hunters). 325 rounds (.22 LR) for about $30, more for the .22 WMR.

  2. A box of .38 Special M41 by Valcartier (Canada), IVI HS. I knew this box existed, but I had not seen one before. There is a local story about this. I can’t give a date, but some considerable time ago, back in the 80s, the USAF was using this ammunition, and there was a production lot from IVI at Lackland AFB which was somehow found faulty (I don’t know details) and was condemned and marked for destruction. Quite a bit of it escaped that fate by unknown means (it probably fell off a truck), and I have heard stories that much of it showed up afterward at various San Antonio gun shops. Anyone knowing more details is invited to chime in.

I didn’t buy either of these.

Here’s the CCI boxes, from the Midway site.