Two Italian 7.62x51 crates

I have found images of Italian 7.62x51 crates and thought some of you may want to see them.
Source: internet.

Here 1996 production on clips:

Here 1969/1970 production belted (4 ball, 1 tracer) for the MG42/59.


Italian ammo can to go along with the crate:


Brian, thanks a lot!
Just different manufacturers.

The 1680 round crate shows the not very common shamrock-like symbol of full interchangeability in the NATO test weapons.

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I am not sure that the quatrefoil has that meaning. Cross-circled is put usually just near the rounds caliber. I have to check at SMI if there is a comment for that symbol.

The 1680 7,62 crate is the same design and construction as the WWII 6,5 crate…as far back as WWI!

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:joy: at 95% yes, only handles were different (rope made in ww2 era) and some few more stuff

The ‘1680’ crate is sweet! Nice Find!!

I reply to myself just to confirm what said by JPeelen: last weekend I was at SMI and I spoke with the last Director of Se.Di. (Settore Difesa=Defence Department) of SMI and he confirmed that the symbol identify full interchangeability of the round for all Nato weapons, both rifles and MG.