Two more shotshells from east Europe

Any help on these is welcome.

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As per language it is Yugoslav. It would be interesting to have the info behind.

I have Vinkovci venator 12 12
this listed as being Romanian (no idea it is just in my Romanian section on pc so came from a user of my website but I think this is incorrect) but Vinkovci is a city in Croatia so am thinking it is Croatian.

When I copy the language of the top one on the box, Google says its Serbian. Not sure how accurate that is but figured I would share. I am sure we have some Europeans who are much better qualified to answer.

Vincovci is in Croatia today. As it is very close to the border with Serbia (border city is Vukovar where the Yugoslav civil war had started) it at some point could have belonged to Serbia but this the regional historians may try to figure out.
I used to demine some graveyards there…

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Venator was originally a producer of ammunition from Slavonski Brod, Yugoslavia (now Croatia).
This is probably a relocated facility in Vinkovci, which is also located in Croatia.
The inscription on green shell are " Sokol" means Falcon , “Prvorazredna” means first-class , “specijalna čaura” means special shell …
special shell

This purple … i don’t know who made it, i will ask the old hunters
If you need a translation from the box, feel free to ask .

Over the years i have learned a lot from this forum so if i can help somehow … i’m here.

P.S.Serbian and Croatian are almost the same languages and that’s why google make a mistake.

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Thank you very much!!

For me there is no specific need for the translation of the box, but I would be very happy when more information on this case can be found!

Again thank you very much!!

Box of the Yugoslavian Venator “Sokol” with green paper body.

Sokol (2 1-2 mm)

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Thank you very much Fede!!


For the system that does not let me post the above: yes this is a complete sentence!
Can we maybe switch off this useless spell check thingy?

Krusik 16 Ga signal Flare Cartridge

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…and the green Flare

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Nice! Do you have the box for these maybe???

No Box, just the pics of these 2 and headstamps.

Greetings to everyone !

I found this scan of a book from 1930.
The ad states that Venator is a weapon repair shop and equipment store.
The only thing they produced then was an empty shell named Sokol Patrone.

So i contacted a friend from Croatia .
He says that Venator was originally from Vinkovci but they did not have their own production at that time.
Venator was more like a dealer with its own brand of shells “Sokol Patrona”.
Later Venator runs the factory section in Slavonski Brod.

Greeting !

.191473_131751179_Screenshot (141)

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Jaromir, do you know when they started in Slavonski Brod and what happened after 1945?

Good evening .
I would like to apologize for taking so long to answer .
Friend from Croatia says that the factory in Slavonski Brod started operating after WWII .
Production began in the late 60’s , he himself does not know for sure.
I found out that during the war Martin Balling was the owner of the Venator.
There is very little information about the factory ,nothing is written, everything is a story from people.
If I find any reliable information, I will write here on the topic.
I accidentally found a book at auction where this ad appears from 1935.originalslika_Lovacko-ribarski-vjesnik-1935-godina-Zagreb-RETKO-191366445

Once again, I apologize for the late reply and wish you all the best.

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Jaromir, no worries and no hurry. Thank you for looking into this issue.
So far I got the Martin Balling connection and that before the war he supposedly was using German components to make his cartridges.
The question as for what had happened after 1945 till they closed down remains.
In case you may find out more it will be interesting to hear.

I would guess a later use of the Sokol brand name?

Sokol HS

If the hs here is pre 1945 I think it is exactly what I had mentioned above.
Maybe the German shotshell experts can tell more?