Two new (to me) 9mm Luger Headstamps

Today I received two new 9mm Luger headstamps, INCEPTOR and LAX. Actually, I had a fired LAX case. Previously I had ordered a box of ammo from LAX but it contained Freedom Munitions cases with their interim IMT headstamp. The bottom box below is the one containing the IMT headstamped rounds.

The box immediately below contained the INCEPTOR headstamped rounds by Polycase with their blunt round nose composite bullet. This is the first case I know of used Polycase brand headstamp I know of. There previous round used cases with other manufacturers identification.

The LAX headstamp rounds came in a plastic bag with no identification, except I ordered it off the LAX website.

On that LAX headstamp - I had posted an image last year of a similar 9mm case (found in a lot of 2000 cases from FEDARM) which I assumed was what their custom headstamp at the time looked like. I wonder if this was also them, and if this is them having changed the headstamp?

Great item! Didn’t know it existed.

Any other LAX headstamps out there???


I see on the LAX website today that they have a new banner image showing all three of their headstams - .40, .45, and 9mm. Most of their sale quantities are bulk though -

Here is a third style of LAX 9mm headstamp. It looks the same as the version from 2016 at a glance, but the 9 is closed with more of a hook on the bottom, and the mm’s are taller on this new one. Also, the A on top is a slightly different stencil-style font with the disconnect on the top right instead of on the lower bridge. This came in a new box of LAX’s 165gr subsonic ammo, which I believe is also the heaviest grain weight you will find in any 9x19 retail production ammo available.


I also just noticed that there is a range of headstamp errors, mostly involving a missing lower on the “L” of LUGER. I would say that around half of the cases in my 50rd box have this error, with some worse than others. Around a third of these also show a consistent error on the lower E which sometimes make it look like an F, or is sometimes just mangled. The errors are consistent, especially the prevalent missing lower-L, so this makes for some error headstamp collecting. I imagine there must be many thousands like this.

I see that the ongoing merger / acquistion? between Freedom Munitions and LAX ammo is continuing. I have noticed that LAX seems to have bought out a bunch of stock from Freedom over the past year, and they are producing ammo with the names of both on boxes. Not sure what the headstamp would be exactly on this lot, and they are only selling it as a 1000rd quantity unfortunately.