Two New (to me) 9x19mm boxes - Novx & Mesko

I recently picked up two 9x19mm boxes boxes:

One was a Novx made round using Shell Shock case and the PolyCase 65gr ARX bullet. The previous box held 26 rounds, 25 in a tray and one in a window in the box top. The headstamp was “NOVX+P 9MM LUGER” The new box is 20 round and the headstamp is simply “S3 9MM LUDER” . It is interesting that the earlier +P round was 1655 FPS and 395 Ft Lbs while the simple 9mm Luger round is marked 1730 FPS and 432 Ft Lbs!

The Mesko box, which was marked with only on the label show below, is so uninteresting that I almost passed on it. The sides and bottom are all white. However, I was very surprised by the headstamp. Instead of the expected commercial Mesko headstamnp, it was “9x19P 21 14” which doesn’t make much sense to me. the “21” could be the Mesko code but I have a hard time believing this ammo was produced in 2014. In fact, I seriously wonder if it is even Mesko. The box lacks all of the markings required of a box of ammunition made in the EU. The round looks like the current Turkish rounds, and the headstamp letters and style is very similar to the recent Turkish ammunition made by Turan (comparison below).

Novx&Mesko boxes-mesko

Novx&Mesko boxes-comp

Thoughts or information appreciated!


Lew - “21” is the standard code for MESKO but this is the first time I have seen it used on commercial ammunition.

I have never seen this style of headstamp, to my knowledge, from MESKO though. I also have never seen the TRN headstamp. There are some font differences between the “21” and the “TRN” heasdstampThe number “9” is different between the two, as is the “X”, which on the the “21” round is a true cross (+) if viewed in the appropriate rotation, which the “X” on the TRN is not.

The “21” round looks almost like the current runs (last four or five years or so) of Sellier and Bellot ammunition, but then I am not the good at figuring these things out from fonts and number shapes.

Both very interesting. I just don’t know how one can keep up with the “headstamp parade” of the last 10 or 15 years, It is daunting, to say the least.

John Moss

And 9x19P. 21 97
9х19Р 21 97

and more

9x19P. 21 02

9x19P. 21 05

The recent years production of NATO calibers from Mesko all had the #21 code on and not the full “Mesko”.
No idea why.
Odd or not Mesko is making plenty of headstamps as per customer’s requirements.

Hi Lew, note the Novx cartridge is loaded using the new case with tri-valent chrome coated aluminum base.

Mesko is currently using the “21” on commercial boxes in 9x18, 9x19, 5.56x45, 7.62x39 and 7.62x51.



Thanks for the info. I would like to blame this mistake on rushing with the post, but it is probably the result of age!

I jumped to the wrong conclusion because both the Mesko and Turan headstamps have essentially identical letter size and similar letter shape. The two loads also have essentially the same very flat primer. My Polish rounds with this headstamp all have red primer seals and a slightly larger letter size. The difference can be expected since the latest round in my collection is 14 years older (2000 date) from this new round.

These Mesko rounds just came on the US market yet the cases are 6 years old. I wonder if these cartridges could have been in storage?

Does anyone have a box for the earlier dates for this headstamp. I don’t have even a photo of the correct boxes. In fact my post WWII 9x19 box collection is almost non existent.

Finally, I was under the impression that ammunition made in an EU country for commercial sale had to have an extensive set of warnings. This box does not appear to be military but it lacks the warnings of a commercial box from an EU country. Can someone explain when the “EU warnings” must be applied to an ammo box???

The box has a red symbol inside the end flap. Perhaps it answers some of my questions. It seems pretty clear that the stamp indicates the box was loaded by Mesko. Can anyone identify the meaning of this symbol?
Novx&Mesko boxes-Misko Mark

Again, thanks for all the info you provided!