Two Oddities? on Some Old Shot Shells

The first one I think is odd is a 32 gauge Remington shell. What is odd is the “R” in Remington. At first I thought it was an “L” preceding the “R” in Remington. Now it looks like a highly stylized “R” or stylized font. I have never seen a Remington shot shell with this type of font. Is this typical or is this something different of Remington shot shells of this era? Has anyone seen this before on a Remington shot shell? When was this made?

The next one is a 24 gauge Winchester shot shell. This one I believe I can date to sometime between 1905 and 1921. The odd characteristic about this one is the shot card. What I can read on the shot card says " Loaded By WRACO 2 BBBB". There is some more printing on the card but I can’t read it. I cannot get a good photo because part of the shot card is underneath the roll crimp. I think the 24 gauge used 2 drams of black powder so that may explain the 2. Has anybody seen a shot card like this and know what is printed on it?

Thank you for taking the time to look at these.



Think you have an example with a broken bunter, or somewhat unlikely but not impossible, one with the outer circle removed from the bunter for some reason by the factory. I can see a faint trace of the outer circle on the right side.

The photo of the Winchester topwad shows camera shake & so is very, very hard to read. I don’t have anything like it but would suggest it might have been double stamped?

Thank very much Pete.

After seeing your photo it does make me think of a broken bunter or a bunter which was modified for some reason. It is strange because the entire outer circle is missing but the two legs by the “R” and “N” are there. Never had one like this.

A double stamp may explain the shot card as well.

I appreciate your time to look at these and provide some valuable information.




As to your Winchester shell, while the image is a bit tough to make out clearly, I think “3/4” is what starts the line under “LOADED BY” as that would be the shot load (oz.) with the 2 dram powder charge. What follows that is a bit of a mystery but perhaps the three characters after what looks like “3/4” is something describing the shot and the last character is the shot size (looks like 3)?

My closest example of a Winchester 24 Ga. is a later Ranger with the over-shot wad simply marked “2 over 3/4 6”.