Two piece cartridge for toy cap gun

No idea what this is, 7.62 x 51 for comparison.
Rim dia 11.57mm/.455
Case dia 11.15mm/.439
Case length 18.71mm/.736
Bullet dia 10.40mm/.409
Overall length 41.05mm/1.616

The case is brass with four holes in the base, the bullet is not magnetic or lead.

Any info appreciated.

It is a toy


I have one like that except that the “bullet” does not have the groove that yours does and the “holes” in the base are simply indentations. I believe the “bullet” is zinc or some such alloy.

I have mine cataloged as a “40 caliber toy gun cartridge” although I have never seen any documentation that IDs it. It seems awfully complicated to be a toy gun cartridge but . . .


I have seen an antique toy gun for sale with three much smaller versions of this, with brass cases 3 holes in the base and a lead bullet. The rounds I saw were about the size of .32 S&W Short. I looked at them thinking they were original rounds, then saw the 3 holes in the base and thought they could serve no purpose other than toy imitations, so must have been made for that reason.

This toy gun was an old die cast cap gun (made to look like a Luger) in its original box, with spaces in the vacuum formed plastic packaging for the rounds and a die cast Sheriff’s badge (with a Luger?). There was no way to chamber the rounds in the toy gun as play ammo, so I presume they were carred by the kid as “spare rounds”.

I can absolutely confirm that this is a toy cartridge as I had the gun that fired it in circa 1954!

The toy revolver was a very good representation of a Colt Single Action and the “rounds” loaded through a side gate just like the real thing. The bullet came out of the case, a couple of paper caps were put inside, the bullet replaced and the round loaded. When the hammer fell the caps gave a good “crack” and a whisp of smoke.

Most that you find these days have the bullet corroded to the case by the corrosive residue from firing - as kids we were a bit lazy about cleaning!


Tony, does the bullet go all the way to the base of the case for the caps to be trapped between the base of the case and base of bullet and set off when the hammer falls on the round? I mean in a similar way to the small metal bomb-like things that you can still get where you trap the cap between the heavy nose and the body and throw it at the floor. I drove my mum mad with one of those things aged about 8.


Thanks for that info. Now that I look at mine closely I can see what I thought were four “indentations” in the base really are holes and what I see is the base of the “Bullet”. I’m going to soak mine in penetrating oil for a while to see if the bullet will come loose because it doesn’t seem to be corroded very much.