TWo Piece vs one piece boxes for US Ammunition

WAs discussing Early US commercial and Miltary Boxes witha friend recently. he specifically collects pre “child Warning” Boxes and was wondering when US manufacturers switched rfrom two piece to one piecs boxes. I speculated that it might have been in the 1930’s, but had no real proof of that. Anyone here have any ideas? As I collect Auto pistol, especially 9x19, I never thought about this. I do have some early US mf two piece boxes as well as later one piece boxes (flaps vs lift off top). But I dont know when the two piece boxes stopped being used. Thanks in advance (Been catching up cataloging acquisitions of late. Still a lot behind. taking time to update records.)

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A quick look at my 9mm Luger records indicates the following:

Remington dropped the two piece box in the mid-1920s

Peters in the late 20s but at least by 1930

Western and Winchester in the late 1920s

Note this can change by caliber and slow selling calibers can continue using old boxes decades after they stop manufacturing them. A good example is Winchester in 30 Mauser. Winchester still had two piece boxes in the late 1930s and printed 1920s style labels for them. In fact when most manufacturing of Winchester brand pistol ammunition had moved to the western Plant in East Alton IL, they were still printing the old orange and green labels marked Olin Industries for the 2 piece 30 Mauser boxes. That was in the 1950s. I had a display on these boxes at SLICS last year.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Lew.