Two Unknown 9x19mm Gauges-Please ID


I have had these two gauges for some years. They came from an old collection. I have no idea of their origin.

Any help appreciated.




I spoke to the previous owner of these gauges. He doesn’t know anything about their history, but he believes he probably got them from John Hintlian. John could have gotten them from almost anywhere, but the most probably origins would be in the US and from either Winchester or Colt. He also had access to a lot of USCCO material including the residue of USCCO that was moved to New Haven. These could easily be gauges for setting up production machines.

As I look at these, I suspect they are not associated with firearms, but rather with the machinery to make cartridges. They simply lack the structure I normally associated with chamber gauges.

I am moving them from my UNKNOWN file to my US UNKNOWN file. It is just a guess but better than nothing.

Opinions and ideas appreciated!

Facts and Documentation treasured!!!

Thoughts from those who knew John would be especially appreciated.

If John picked these up as they were going out as scrap along with other old USCCO items then there would have been more than just these 9x19mms. Has anyone seen similar gauges in other calibers.

I know John had access in the 1960s or so to old USCCO stuff being thrown away. The USCCO cartridge samples were in small boxes, probably one for each caliber. The whole lot was dumped in the trash and rescued by John. Many years ago at Chicago I got the box of the USCCO Maxium 9mm G cases and bullets from WWI, including a draw set. I know others got similar items in other calibers. These gauges could be part of a similar fine. Just speculation but who knows.



John Hintlian did have a number of USCCO gauges which were auctioned off in one of Jim Tillinghast’s catalogs.
Does anyone know which catalog it was and perhaps there is a photo of these gauges?



An IAA member was kind enough to check Jim Ts auction catalogs and sent me the auction info on the USCCo gauges John Hintlian auctioned. It is a great set, pictured below, but nothing similar to the two gauges above.


It is still likely that the two gauges above came from John H, and may have been from USCCo, but nothing in the set above supports that theory.

He was also sent me images of two Colt gauges, one is a 9x19mm gauge post WWII and the other is a 380 gauge dated 1918.
image image


Any other thoughts or information on the two gauges at the top of this topic would be appreciated.



Very njeat post Lew. HAving collected 9mmx19 for long time as well as 7.9x57 I have often wondered why I found many German “werkzeug” cartridges in 7.9x57 but few if any in 9x19? Yes I have some dummy / drill 9x19 mainly chrome cases with no/or some holes drilled and no primer pockets but are these the same (HAve at least one two piece plastic and metal base in both calibers). Always looking for tool catridges, but these are few and far between.