Type 51B bullet(Chinese 7.62×25TT)

This special bullet was found in military shooting range in China,different from the normal FMJ round,and it’s made in steel inside

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DFZ, this is the soft iron projectile, right?

Do you know the Type designation?

Production has now been discontinued. Factory 947 was blocked after a bullet smuggling case.
“”DAP51-B”,This logo is printed on the box. It has a soft iron core and a copper-plated bullet.


Liliang, thanks a lot!!

Mr. EOD,emmm,sorry…This round make me feel puzzled. I only found this is a steel core bullet that might…called 51B?…At first I even think this is a special bullet that used in training. After asking my friend,I only know the name of it.

Liliang,Thanks for your reply.

DFZ, no need to be sorry, you have shared great photos with us, this is invaluable reference.

Thank you😄, Mr. EOD.

Liliang, is it possible for you to show a picture of the box?




Ok, I think I have both the box and the round!