Type 54 pistol & Mauser 7.63 cartridge

Our Type 54 pistol can not be fired this Mauser 7.63 cartridges.
Perhaps the TT-33 pistol by Russian can be fired.

Hello again.
Very nice pictures, and another new Tokarev headstamp!
I have a T54 that came out of Vietnam and also that DWM cartridge. I will see if I get the same result.

[quote=“Jon C.”]Hello again.
Very nice pictures, and another new Tokarev headstamp!
I have a T54 that came out of Vietnam and also that DWM cartridge. I will see if I get the same result.[/quote]
are you fight in Vietnam?

No, I am a little too young. It was brought back by a US soldier. It is not pretty on the outside, but it is beautiful on the inside and shoots very well.

Oh, I see. The Internet is young, 30-year-old like me who has been on the Internet is the elderly.

I am 47. We are both still young. I hope we are both still interested in cartridges when you are allowed to coolct and trade them!

I just tried DWM and BKIW rounds in my T54 and they both fit.

Tiengulden - I also have a very nice T-54 7.62 x 25mm Pistol, made in 1966. It is a military pistol, not one of the commercial guns sold in the U.S.
I have never tried other brands of 7.63 Mauser, but my pistol has a very tight chamber compared to some Tokarev-caliber sidearms. I have tried it with Fiocchi 7.63mm Mauser ammunition, and they will chamber only about 1/2 of the time. Sometimes you can press the slide shut the final few mm’s if it doesn’t shut all the way, but often not even that. They simply won’t work.

My Czech VZ 52, in fact all three of the ones I have owned in the last ten years or so, would all shoot the same Fiocchi (Italy) ammunition without problem. I think it is just a matter of specifications. China seems to have a very tight chamber spec for this pistol. My pistol works perfectly with Chinese ammunition, however, although I don’t shoot it much. I have it just to have it, so to speak. It was captured by a friend of mine who was with the 101st Airborne Military Intelligence Detachment in Saigon during Tet 68.

I was not in Viet Nam myself. My military service ended before the U.S. was heavily engaged in SE Asia. I am older than Jon!

I, too, saw that new headstamp on one of the cartridges. I wonder if the DWM and NICORRO rounds were actually German, or made in China? In pre-WWII China, lots of European headstamps were copied on cartridges actually made in China. I can’t tell from the pictures, but I have a K DWM K 403 headstamp that most certainly did NOT come from the DWM factory, and I have seen a NICORRO headstamp that was not genuine.

Nice pictures, by the way. thanks for pisting them with such good pictures of the headstamps.

John, I have both the DWM and BKIW Chinese headstamps in my collection. I will try to post pics of them tomorrow, side by side.

Snd903241’s cartridge collectors from www.qbq.cn

The primer on ‘D’ is interesting. Looks similar to the reinforced primers used on the .30 Krag subcaliber cartridges. It also appears to not be centered in the head, or perhaps that is an illusion.

[quote=“tiengulden”]Snd903241’s cartridge collectors from www.qbq.cn

The 4 punch primer crimp on B is also interesting. I have not seen this method before.


The cartridge Guy is referring to is an 8m/m Murata, I think, which is often found with the protected primer (but not by me). Cartridge G, also in the first group, appears to be the 6.8m/m Mauser. Mighty interesting stuff! JG

Tiengulden, were the cartridges you show dug out from the ground? There are some extremely interesting calibres and headstamps there. How does the person who owns those cartridges have them in China if all ammunition is illegal for civillians to posess?

J Gill, I agree that the cartridge G on the right looks like a 6.8mm Mauser. I have seen two of these cartridges with headstamps indicating they were made by the Shanghai Arsenal, and I know the Yunnan Arsenal made the rifle for a year or two and the cartridges for a number of years, but have never seen one. There are other arsenals in China that may have made 6.8mm. This is the only unheadstamped 6.8mm I have seen!!!

Can someone identify the “CK” headstamp in photo E???

Tiengulden, thanks for sharing these with us!

Is the 7.9 headstamp “B” in the second group a 7.9 made at Rheinische Metallwaren und Maschinenfabrik in 1924? I can’t make out the month number. The headstamp appears to be “H ? 24”

I thought I posted these before:

Falcon - the cartridge “B” of the second group was made by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes de Guerre, Herstal, for Yugoslavia. The “24” is 1924, the earliest date I have encountered on this headstamp and caliber. It is also found with “25” and “26” headstamps, in variations. With these three dates I have six different specimens in all. The same headstamp is found dated “23” on .380 A.C.P. (9mm Browning Short) which is not surprising since Yugoslavia was one of the first purchasers of the Model 1922 FN-Browning pistol, which have the crest of the “Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” on the top of the slide, and various markings in Cyrillic on the right ide of the slide, depending on which branch they were going to.

The headstamp is actually an “O” with a vertical line through it, (Looks like “I” and “O” intertwined, the Chruyllic letter “F” and an “H” which is the Cyrillic letter “N”.

John Moss

I see it now, I was thinking of it as a German 3 segment headstamp before, although military ammunition production in Germany in 1924 would presumably have been limited under the Treaty of Versailles?