Type 56 Tins

I had some Chinese refugees show up at my doorstep today. What I’ve noticed that is quite different are that these are shorter but fatter than other 550 rounders that I’ve seen. Just wanted to share!

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Would it be possible to take a better photo (straight on) of the can on the left?



They appear to be identical from the same crate even…


Thank you!

Welcome. Like I stated above, these ones I haven’t run across yet… shorter but fatter. I guess different factories had different standards.

I’ve seen pictures of this type of spam but do not know the reason for the deviation from the typical longer narrower spam cans.


These are packed in chargers. Bimetal case (steel/copper) headstampes 81 71.

I had one of these in my collection. Certainly a unique deviation from the more commonly seen types. As I recall, mine was also from factory 81.

I wonder how it’s stacked inside. Usually the ones on exotic dancers are in 30 round paper packs, and the bigger tins of 720 are in 20 round paper bundles.

You can also find this box size in a 720 count variant without clips (same factory code and date). On the other hand, you cand find the larger box in a 550 count variant.

Thought it might be brass wash steel case with clips

Sheng, not from this box; this one has bimetal cases (steel/copper).

More refugees at my doorstep today

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Here’s one with 460 rounds in it.

And then an old one without numbers, but looks like 720 on strippers

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One more

And then the lot!


Before today I never noticed the tin with 460…

Henry, any chance we can swap our refugees against yours? Pleeeeease!!!

Holy crap Alex I about wet myself lol!!! Good one, and thanks for the offer but NEIN DANKE!!

There are allot of variations on the markings and types of opening on Chinese spam cans. I have a few in my collection and photos of allot more. The early dates on 7.62x39 in clips were wrapped in paper three clips to a bundle and the paper was marked

Hi Howie, yes, typically the 720 round tins come in 20 round boxes and the 550 round tins have the 30 rounds in clips wrapped in paper. I don’t know how the other ones are bundled such as the 460 round tin but the markings show on clips. I guess you never know until you open one up!