Type 59 Makarov Dummy

Chinese 9x18 Dummy.Headstamp is 81 66.rubber fake primer.with thin cannelure at the bottom of the case.Have fun

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These dummies are also seen with headstamp 81 65, a date that
I have not seen on a ball round from this factory.

John Moss

Gret to see these. They seem to be very few around.

EOD - I have only seen them here in the US as “Key chains,” but the only one
of the various calibers in the Chinese key chains to use an actual military drill
cartridge rather than just a “components dummy” made up for the purpose of
the souvenir key chains. I will clarify - it is the only one I HAVE SEEN here in
the US that uses an official dummy round. Of course, there could be others…


John, original Chinese military dummy (drill) rounds were around every now and then but never too many and not in all calibers. At least to my observation in Europe. I assume most of those seen here actually came from the US then.
As the situ has changed in the past 20 years or so basically nothing new made it to Europe then.

EOD - I have never seen an unaltered 9 x 18 Chinese drill round with my own
eyes. To my knowledge, they do not exist in the US and were only well know
here after we were fortunate enough that China allowed participation on the internet
and forums with such information.

The 7.62 x 39 dummy rounds, and 7.62 Tokarev dummy rounds from China, both in various
forms, were, as you say quite common here. I had over a hundred 7.62 x 39 Chinese drill
rounds in my dupes years ago, which came into the Bay Area (SF, Calif. area) in a cargo
container of SKS rifles, some in rifles, some in bandoleers, some loose in bags and misc.
boxes, etc. There were also loaded cartridges, including in guns! Won’t get into the whole
story, as don’t want to be accused once again of talking too much “off subject” on this Forum.

John Moss

John, as you say there are many more to be discovered!
Not to mention all the newer caliber dummies of which we have not seen images of.