Type 64?

Here is my big SLICS mystery round.
According to the label, it is a Chinese Type 64 round, essentially a rimless 7.65 ACP. The rounds are GM, with a brass case and primer, purple tip, and obviously loaded into ACP semi-rimless cases with the rims turned down. The headstamp is Romanian, as is the box. However, the label is in English, and there is no evidence that the label and round loading/modifications were done in Romania. Can anyone provide any info on the rounds or box label? I would like to know the origin and purpose of the rounds, and who might be using Chinese Type 64 pistols. To add; two boxes of this came out of England.

The ammo (which is normally designated 7.62mm Type 64) is specifically intended for use in suppressed pistols (the Type 64, originally). It has since been replaced by the Type 84 loading in the same calibre.

OK, but who, besides the PRC is or was using the pistols? What is the meaning of the purple tip, and who would have need of such rounds?

Great find!

Maybe a British proof house load? (if so what would be a purple tip there?)

If I recall it right there were some of these in South Africa or Africa in general. Maybe Will can chime in on these?

Is that Lot Number typical of one for the British Proof House?

Maybe our British friends here can enlighten us?

Another “Oldie But Goodie”. Anyone have new thoughts on this mystery round?