Type 67 silenced pistol and its ammo


What calibre does it shoot?


Vlad, it is the 7.62x25 TT case loaded with a longer (and subsequently heavier) projectile. So it is not interchangeable with TT cartridges.


Is it what Wikipedia describes as “The Chinese 7.62mm Type P is a special subsonic loading of the cartridge, designed specifically for use in suppressed firearms.”? Also, why double T (TT) in Tokarev, one for Tokarev, another for the year 1930?


The TT is for Tula Tokarev, after the developing factory and the designer.


It should be very similar to the 7.63 mm Mini Whisper developed by JD Jones: a 7.63 mm Mauser case loaded with a heavy rifle bullet


Is this the round? Headstamp “11 88”. I got it last year in PA, just want to be sure it is the right thing.



That’s it. If I can find a pic of my cutaway, I’ll post it here.
Found this one handy, but it’s not mine. Mine has a small charge of a white-ish gunpowder.


Jon, thanks for sharing the cutaway!


from what i know, the Type 67 pistol uses 7.62x17 Type 64 ammunition, which is based on 7.65x17 SR Browning (.32 ACP), but w/o any rim

the subsonic 7.62x25 Type 64 (which is shown here), IIRC, is intended especially for Type 64 silenced submachine gun


Max, you are absolutely correct. As a “Tokarev Lover” I was simply looking at the cartridge and ignored the pistol. I was thinking something was wrong, but it didn’t hit me. The Chinese advert sheet is wrong.


So, let me summarize to make sure I get it right. The round in my photos is called 7.62x25 Type 64 and is used in Chinese Type 64 silenced submachine gun.


yes. also in Type 85 silenced submachine gun, but NOT in pistols.