Type DVD06 12.7x108mm double bullets cartridge

Is this the Russian duplex loading or a specifically Chinese one?

If the latter, do you have any details (weight of the bullets, muzzle velocities)?

Hi Tony,

the photograph on the middle page was obviously taken out of "Russia

[quote=“Tony Williams”]Is this the Russian duplex loading or a specifically Chinese one?

If the latter, do you have any details (weight of the bullets, muzzle velocities)?[/quote]


These Duplex cartridges were exposed by the Chinese on the NORINCO stand at the last MILIPOL -PARIS exhibition, unhappily behind a very badly agenced glass showcase, making pictures almost unpossible to perform properly. They did not figure in their catalogue, almost entirely devoted to weapons, not ammunition.

The personnels on the stand were quite agreable people(some very pretty girls!), but obviously, they had not the singlest idea about their exhibits!!!(or did not wish to tell anything…).

These rounds looked very similar to the Russian Duplex ones, but for the lacquered steel case, which was finished in a very"toxic" green colour!

In the same area were also exposed straight copies of the latest sniper load from the now-defunct(closed January 6, 2007) French firma, ANTHENA…(these Chinese clones were already shown here on the Forum)…

No further comments will be necessary.


Hello Philippe, I spent some time talking to a helpful (male!) Chinese representative on that stand but I didn’t spot that ammo.

Incidentally, I had the strong impression that NORINCO is increasingly dealing with export-only products rather than the domestic army stuff.

DVD 06

sniper ammo[/url]

Amazing caliber designation there.

Yes, Tony, I strictly OK with your impression about NORINCO…!

But you must admit that their girls on the spot were definitely more interesting than their “male” people in charge!!!l!

By the way, how did you like their new heavy sniper rifle?


So the flyer is on 12.7x108 or 12.7x99 caliber duplex Chinese cartridges ? The rounds in the display case say 12.7x99.

Yes, they say x99 but they are x108. Do the Chinese make .50 BMG now?

yes they produce ammunition in naton standard because they produce small weaons with nato ammunition the last the pkm in 7,62 x 51 mm

Does anybody have images of recently made Chinese made NATO caliber cartridges?

by example chinese propose a new hangun (QSZ 92) in 9 x 19 mm called DAP 92

In the early 1990’s, before President Clinton made a deal for them to stop, NORINCO imported a small lot of 12.7x99 (.50BMG) caliber ball rounds. 12.7 ST 92 and 12.7 P 92 headstamps. Also some 7.62 and 5.56 NATO caliber ammo too. All for the commercial US market.

50m2hb, interesting, do you have images of these 12.7mms?

Indeed very interesting! For what army was this ammunition intentionally made? Not the Chinese army I presume? And were there any other kinds of .50 BMG ammunition manufactured by NORINCO, e.g. tracer, API etc?
I would be pleased if you could post a picture of the rounds and the headstamps!



I send two pictures of 12,7 x 99 mm sold by norinco showed at milipol
I’m desagree but with the glass and the position of the cartridge I can’t take picture or marking.
China open the world market with products in standard NATO as bulgaria with rifle in 5,56 x 45 mm !
the price of this weapons and ammunition can interesting counstries who have not a lot of money.